Potain IGO T85A

Location of Item: 10700 Bigge Ave. 94577
San Leandro
This Seller's Listings: Bigge Equipment Co.
+1 (510) 639 4041
Fax: +1 (510) 877 3004
Model Number:Potain IGO T85A
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Year: 2017

Description: - 45 m (148 ft) maximum operating hook radius - 51 m (167 ft) maximum hook height with 45 m (148 ft) jib set at 30° - 38 m (125 ft) maximum tip hook height with jib horizontal - Variable height lattice mast from 20 m (66 ft) to 38 m (125 ft) with optional mast inserts - Multiple operational jib configurations - Optional Ultra View cab or Cab 800 - Optional electronic wind speed meter - 480v three-phase power hookup - Wireless radio remote control with indicators Location: Houston, TX Inventory Location: Houston, TX

This well maintained Potain IGO T85A Tower Crane is on sale through Bigge Equipment Co. in San Leandro United States and is marketed with ConstructionTradex USA. Find this 2017 Potain IGO T85A and other well maintained used Potain IGO T85A Tower Cranes for sale by reputable resellers in the USA and further afield. Use the advanced search tools or simply call the} dedicated team of Tower Crane From this page you can additionally get specification, usage and asking price information regarding this 2017 Potain IGO T85A as well as many other Potain IGO T85A Tower Cranes for sale near by.

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