Quietly Does It With The Bt Lifter Silent Pallet Stacker 07/11/2007

BT Forklifts have released an innovative design for at BT pallet stacker that minimises the noise levels of a handpallettruck. This may not sound particularly innovative until you consider that lowering the general noise level will widen the usage of the BT pallet stacker at times when loud noises can disrupt certain businesses or the times of deliveries in a 24-hour business world. The BT Lifter Silent does not exceed 60 decibels while it can move loads of up to 2300 kg, this means the silent BT pallet stacker will not be louder than two people speaking in a normal tone of voice. There are other unexpected advantages to the lower noise level as well as keeping noise pollution down. The silent BT pallet stacker can be used during the quiet early morning delivery times in urbanised city streets, and it can add to productivity in warehouses by reducing noise related stress. Developed as environmentally conscious product in coordination with the PEAK programme in the Netherlands, the BT silent stacker could be the first in line to offer this new development.

The BT Lifter Silent is 30 percent quieter than standard pallet trucks, but offers the same reliable toughness that BT pallet stackers are known for. BT achieved this noise reduction by using rubber steer wheels and Powerthan bogie wheels that deliver a smooth, quiet ride. The BT pallet stacker also comes with shock absorbing material on the frame specially designed to reduce noise vibration. The PEAK programme is part of an initiative in the Netherlands to reduce the amount of noise associated with the movement of goods. Robert Goevaers, PEAK Programme project leader says the BT silent pallet stacker is a big step forward for when compared to traditional hand pallet trucks.

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