High-speed Bt Pallet Truck 09/10/2007

When moving loads around a warehouse, shipping dock or inside a shop, sometimes speed is the most important part of the job. The new Stratos LRE high-speed rider seated powered BT pallet truck is just the thing for moving loads from point A to B in the shortest amount of time. The BT pallet stacker from BT Rolatruc focuses on speed as its main feature. The BT pallet truck has a lift capacity of 3000 kg and comes with a fork length of up to 3590 mm maximum length. The Stratos LRE300 and LRE300T is fully equipped and able to move multiple loads over long distances at high speed. The operator controlled truck is a comfortable ride with fully adjustable steering wheel, seat and pedals. The Stratos LRE features a time-saving productivity with a wide range of pre-programmed options. There are up to 100 pin codes which give secure access control which restricts operation to authorised personnel only.

The LRE300 can reach a maximum speed of 15mph when unloaded. The LRE300T has a twin motor and can achieve maximum speeds of almost 20km/h. The BT pallet truck is also extremely energy efficient. When the brakes are applied or the operator releases the accelerator or even changes the trucks direction, the surplus energy is there regenerated back into the battery automatically when the motor braking is applied. This also goes for the parking brake which is also automatically applied when the truck is stationary and automatically released when the accelerator is depressed, for added safety. The BT Stratos LRE comes with the E-bar which is a universal mount for warehouse management devices such as PCs, radio-data terminals, and bar-code readers, all of which are featured on the BTs Reflex B and E-series reach trucks.

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