John Deere Combine Harvester 28/03/2008

These days farmers take it for granted and in fact it would be hard to imagine the days before a DGPS guidance system was introduced into the combine harvester family with the GreenStar AutoTrac Assisted-Steering System. John Deere noted that when it was initially introduced operators still closely watched the machines progress down the rows to insure they did not veer off course. After the first day or two, growers who had been testing the guidance system started to relax even picking up a book between turn times when the machine did come to the end of the row. A John Deere combine harvester spokesmen first presented the system as an innovative development that allowed operators to be able to focus on watching the grain or soybeans feeding into the combine or looking at the crop conditions up ahead instead of guiding the giant machine down the rows. Back then this development changed the way harvesting was done. Ron Moron, Information spokesman for John Deere Combine Harvester Works stated at the time, The machine is also easier to operate in poor visibility or dusty conditions because the machine stays on track, guided by satellite technology.

When the DGPS guidance system was first unveiled at a media event at Living History Farms outside Des Moines Iowa, the editors from John Deere Harvester Works were understandably impressed with the way the John Deere combine harvester moved over to a prescribed line and then followed the line down a 200-yard course without deviating an inch. The AutoTrac System was installed on John Deere 50 and 60 Series combine harvesters, using three components, the GreenStar display, mobile processor and the StarFire satellite positioning receiver, that were previously available on John Deere assisted-steering system tractors or sprayers.

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