Komatsu Backhoe Loader 19/03/2008

The new Komatsu backhoe loader series, the Dash 5 loader backhoes, are the latest in line with Komatsus range of powerful construction, mining and excavator equipment. The Komatsu backhoe loader series was introduced says the manufacturer to keep the best of the previous models plus the innovations for today and tomorrow. The Komatsu backhoe loader Dash 5 series increases the horsepower of the hydraulic digging and lifting of the front loader. This emphasizes the popularity of the backhoe loader with its stance as the most useful middle of the range equipment in the excavator family. The first thing that strikes you about the new Komatsu backhoe loader series is the practical approach to the design that showcases Komatsus hands-on styling approach to construction equipment in general. The steering cylinders for example are mounted behind and above the front axle to give better protection from the usual job-side debris. In the same regard the self-leveling on the bucket means it is always level when raising the arms of the loader. The addition of the nose guard provides protection for the engine compartment while at the same time providing a counterweight.

The bucket loader holds a whole cubic yard of material. The digging depth is the average and popular 14 feet. The S-boom design as named by Komatsu means the operator has better visibility and avoids obstructions when both loading and digging. The narrow backhoe boom is also designed for better visibility. The reversible outrigger pads work on both paved or earth surfaces making them easy to transport on roads between construction sites and depots. These user friendly features are a big part of the WB142-5 backhoe loader and continue to be a big plus across their entire range of the models available for the Komatsu backhoe loader.

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