Jcb Backhoe,.. World´s Greatest 18/03/2008

The JCB backhoe loader has been voted the worlds greatest ever digger on a television contest show called “David and Goliath”. The JCB Backhoe now more than 50 years old, was voted the number one digger by a panel of experts on the television show THE GREATEST EVER. The show is a “top ten” of the worlds greatest human achievements. During the episode the JCB backhoe was measured against nine other excavators from which the results were tabulated to find out, in a fairly informal process, which are considered the best excavators in history. The JCB backhoe is popular worldwide for its versatile use for a wide variety of projects and over 325,000 JCB's have been sold across five continents. Last year JCB announced the lock-up torque converter on its backhoe loaders, the first in the world to do so. This development engages the machine in top gear to eliminate losses in torque. This increases the performance and reduces travel times and improves fuel consumption.

One of the competitions in the show involved pitting 15 rugby players from Burton RUFC using the worlds strongest shovels from JCB to try to dig a trench 3ft wide and 25ft long faster than a JCB backhoe loader. The JCB backhoe loader won it hands down, beating the rugby players by 14 minutes and 56 seconds. One of the expert judges an American digger expert Eric Orlman remarked about the JCB loaders, “Its not necessarily the biggest and the most powerful that comes out on top. Sometimes it is the smallest and the most versatile tool that comes in at number one. A JCB spokesman said, “As part of JCB’s philosophy to achieve engineering and design excellence, our JCB backhoe loaders have been constantly improved and developed in order to keep them at the forefront of a market that is extremely competitive.

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